Tenable Screw Co Ltd.

Tenable Screw Co Ltd.

  16 Deer Park Road, Merton, London, SW19 3UB Get directions

  Tel: +44 (0208) 5426225

  Website: www.tenable.co.uk

Tenable Screw Co Ltd.

Products & Services

Established in 1940 with three factories in Coventry, Wiltshire & London (Head Office) we have the capacity & expertise to produce a wide range of turned components, ranging from tiny pins & sockets to larger precision machined components upto 51mm diameter. Our parts are exported worldwide to many diverse industries including :- Aerospace, automotive, power generation & regulation, connectors, defence, electrical & leisure industries.

Specialities & Technologies

From CNC prototype design to small or large volume supply, we have the diverse capacity & Quality approvals to meet the demands of industry today.

  • Quality Accreditations: BS EN ISO 9001 Series
  • Diameter Size Range: 0.3-51
  • Specialities: CNC Sliding Head Turning, CNC Fixed Head Turning, Multi Spindle Auto Turning, Coil Fed Auto Turning, Cam Auto Turning, Rotary Transfer Machining, Env. Friendly Parts Cleaning
  • Materials: Steel, Alloy Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Aluminium, Titanium, Nylon/Plastics, All Materials
  • Prismatic Sizes: X - 0, Y - 0, Z - 0

Contact Details
  • Contact: Mr. Simon Schlaefli
  • Position: MD
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