What is the BTMA?

The BTMA is ‘THE’ Trade Association for UK Manufacturing Companies producing Precision Turned Parts and Machined Components.

Full Members of the BTMA are Companies whose core activity is the manufacture of Precision Machined Components within the UK, with at least 50% of their turnover being supplied on a sub-contract basis.

The Association’s aim is to develop and promote all aspects of the Industry on both a domestic and a global basis while acting generally in the common interest of its Members.

The Constitution Objectives of the Association are:

  • To provide a forum for discussion and the exchange of non-competitive information between it’s Members.
  • To be a technical service providing commentary, guidance and support on legislative, regulatory, environmental, technical and other developments of relevance to its Members.
  • To be a central representative body to put the views of the Industry to Government departments and agencies, Parliament, the European Commission and Parliament, and any other relevant organisation.
  • To assist and encourage it’s Members to work together to develop suitable skills training for the benefit of the Industry.
  • To encourage and organise trade visits, both at home and abroad, in order that Members may be updated and kept fully informed of the latest methods and processes employed by other industrial and commercial organisations.
  • To raise, borrow, lend and expend money for the attainment of the Objectives of the Association.
  • To work together with other trade associations and any other organisation, firm or person in order to further its Objectives.
  • To otherwise develop, promote, defend and do all such lawful things, in any part of the world, as are, in the opinion of the Executive Committee, in the interests of the Industry and generally in the common interest of Members.