Posted in Technical Members News on 29th May 2019

The contribution that PSL Datatrack production control software can make to subcontract engineering companies looking to improve production efficiency is widely recognised. Many engineering organisations, serving many different manufacturing sectors, are already benefiting from the control and functionality that the software offers. This has been further enhanced with the new 2018 Status Board display system which can give visibility to real-time KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), system alerts and action lists giving even more control over manufacturing processes. The graphical display of the boards has been reworked to give a bolder, enhanced presentation and make an even greater impact on the shop floor.


PSL Datatrack Status Boards can be put on display throughout a factory to deliver clear visual information to all departments on any aspect of production. Management can have visual real-time information in the boardroom, including actual sales versus projections and targets. Dynamic, real-time information to specific areas of the factory on many different KPIs gives essential information at a time when close control of costs and providing the highest service levels to customers is vital.


Real-time display of shop floor information highlights the current work-to-list and the jobs requiring work that day, avoiding accidental oversight of vital work. The example shown uses a T-Card style display for shop floor loading. Status Board displays can highlight which customer deliveries are due out on a particular day, allowing management decisions to be made on production as a whole. They can also warn if targets are not being met and give the shop floor priorities to focus on.


These can be complemented by stock alerts that show whether any materials or components required to complete a job have dropped below minimum quantity levels and need replenishment. Real-time goods-in statistics highlight which deliveries are due in and which need to be followed up in the event of non-arrival.              


PSL Datatrack status boards are designed to a customer’s exact requirements to show the information they want visible – one size does not fit all. In the quest to get each production task right and complete on time every time, and the need to be competitive, these are a vital addition to the PSL Datatrack solution.


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