Our new president Phil Smith

Posted in BTMA News on 16th Dec 2016

The new BTMA President is Phil smith from wealdpark

Welcome to the BTMA website.  The site is designed as a comprehensive reference to promote the services of BTMA Members and the products and services available from our Technical/Associate Members.

I am very pleased to be elected President of the Association that stands as a beacon for British ‘World Class’ manufacturing and I will endeavor to increase awareness of the many attributes of the BTMA across all manufacturing sectors.

The incentives to work with a subcontractor can be many and varied. To reduce costs, add a production facility to cover order intake, take advantage of specialist skills and gain use of the latest technology to be more competitive. 

Changes within the UK economy have led subcontract buyers to need assistance in responding quickly to the demands of various industry sectors. The diversity of infrastructure has encouraged flexibility in the subcontract community and led to a ‘Made in Britain’ revival.

BTMA members are ‘World Class’ suppliers and offer competitive prices, flexible delivery packages and outstanding production using state-of-the-art machines and equipment.

The UK is known for high quality standards and as can be seen, BTMA members have the accreditations, machines, capability and capacities to meet the needs of buyers with assurances that they are purchasing high quality, precision made and reliable products that deliver.

As technology advances and the demand for high quality becoming ever more stringent, it will be even more important for buyers to know exactly where components, parts and assemblies have come from. This trend is also linked to the growing demand for environment friendly and socially responsible products.

BTMA members are at the forefront of technology and apply it to meet these requirements. Our Technical Members keep us informed about new machines, equipment, raw material and services as they are updated and become available.

British engineering offers many advantages so with constant consumer demand and changes within the global marketplace more businesses are considering manufacturing in the UK right from the start. The consequences of the BREXIT vote are still to be experienced, but manufacturers in this country have always had to compete and win new business based on their wealth of technical skills, knowledge and a strong history of innovation. 

BTMA encourages subcontract businesses of all sizes to join us in membership and benefit from the camaraderie, networking and support of like-minded subcontractors. Engineering is an exciting and demanding sector to work in. It is also creative, inspiring and rewarding. There is no doubt engineers have shaped our World, producing goods in volume, solving problems and inventing technology for future generations.

BTMA know that buyers can have confidence in UK manufacturing abilities and we welcome all enquiries through the BTMA website – www.btma.org

Phil Smith .

BTMA President.