Bowers Group Launches Sizzling Summer Deals with Huge Savings on Best-Sellers

Posted in Technical Members News on 28th May 2024

As a leading provider of precision measurement solutions, Bowers Group has launched an exciting summer promotion, offering an impressive 20% off its highly sought-after gauge sets.

This limited-time-only promotion offers businesses a great opportunity to access high-quality gauging solutions at a discounted price. With a diverse range of products included, customers can find the right gauges for their needs.

"We're excited to kick off the summer season with this special promotion," said Ryan Kingswell, UK Sales Manager at Bowers Group. "At Bowers Group, we're committed to providing our customers with the best possible solutions to meet their measurement needs. This promotion allows us to offer our best-selling gauges at a significant discount, making precision measurement more accessible than ever before."

From the well-established XT3 Bore Gauges to the popular Universal Gauge set, selected promotional products include an array of measurement tools designed to enhance accuracy and efficiency across various industries. Plus, with Bowers Group's renowned reputation for quality and reliability, customers can trust that they are investing in products of the highest calibre.

Designed to meet the highest standards of precision and durability, Bowers’ gauging sets are essential tools for any quality-conscious manufacturer. The XT3 is known for its advanced electronics, providing precise and repeatable measurements, making it ideal for various applications, whereas the Universal Gauge is highly versatile and can be used across a wide range of measurement tasks, ensuring reliability and accuracy.

To take advantage of this impressive offer and advance your measurement capabilities, visit the Bowers Group website at or contact to learn more about the selected gauges included in the summer promotion.

Don't miss out on this limited-time opportunity to save big on best-selling gauges from Bowers Group. Offer ends 31st July 2024.