Wickman UK Install 1st Gozio Billo Evolution 5 Axis Machining Centre at Aalberts Piping Systems

Posted in Technical Members News on 26th Jun 2023

Wickman UK, exclusive agent of Gozio products are pleased to announce the first installation in the UK of the Gozio Billo Evolution 5 Axis Machining Centre.

Technical Specification

Hydraulic self centering chuck

The machine is equipped with a patented hydraulic self-centering chuck, with universal orientation, which allows the processing with a single placement of a complicated piece, with different faces and angles, avoiding the downtime of multiple set up and increasing the precision of the finished product.

Double axis orientation:

  • A-axis 360,000 positions with hydraulic brake
  • B-axis 360,000 positions with hydraulic brake
  • Envelope: 200 300 300 mm


Working Unit

The working unit allows drilling, milling, tapping, setting the work data through the numerical control


  • X-axis 630 mm
  • Y-axis 530 mm
  • Z-axis 460 mm
Max. spindle rotation 12,000 rpm
Power (100% S1) 15 kW 

If you would like more information on the product please email enquiries@wickman-group.com