New PSL Datatrack Automated Interfacing Enables Group Cooperation

Posted in Technical Members News on 7th Jul 2022

A new development within PSL Datatrack production control software allows closer cooperation between two or more companies within the same group through automated interfacing of their separate PSL Datatrack systems. By sharing key business information this interface becomes particularly beneficial where SME’s within a group inter-trade, utilising one another's production and other resources. Orders are fulfilled easily without requiring extra staff to carry out the administrative work.

A typical scenario where this new functionality excels is where one member of the group (Company A) relies on some or all of the manufacturing capabilities of another member (Company B) and places an order on them for the manufacture of components for Company A’s customer.

Company B retains the ability to review, check and accept the order from Company A. When Company B raises the delivery note for Company A’s components the system automatically saves the paperwork on the network - no printing is required.

Company A’s system detects the delivery and books it in with automated updates to the Goods Received, Stock and Purchase Orders modules as required. Company A uses the stock in the normal manner to fulfil their customer orders either with or without a Bill of Materials (BOM) depending on the nature of the product to be delivered to their customer.

Another example of interfaces saving considerable time is the ability to re-quote in seconds utilising data copied and pasted from customer emails into an import file. PSL Datatrack will look for an old or similar quote to copy and present it to the user for review.

This latest enhancement is one in a long line of automated functions that PSL has developed over the years, all enabling users to save time and money by integrating Datatrack with other technology they utilise on a daily basis. These include interfaces for tool vending, material carousel, machine monitoring and time & attendance systems.

PSL Datatrack will continue to work with its customers to develop other specialised solutions they require, as well as other new features released as part of annual upgrades to the software.