Bowers Group Launches Innovative New Digital External Micrometer

Posted in Technical Members News on 14th Sep 2021

Bowers Group Launches Innovative New Digital External Micrometer

Bowers Group is delighted to announce the launch of its brand-new digital external micrometer, the Bowers DigiMic. Brand new for 2021, with a large screen and immediate confirmation of results, the DigiMic offers quick, simple, and highly accurate measurement of both thickness and outside diameters.

Extending the core range of Bowers-branded products, DigiMic is ergonomically crafted for comfort, efficiency, and ease of use. Its robust design ensures functionality in any setting, from clean calibration laboratories to the harshest of environments.

Deputy Managing Director for Bowers Group, Martin Hawkins, said: “The DigiMic is an exciting addition to our range of Bowers-branded products. Having been meticulously designed and manufactured at our facility in Bradford, it is a truly versatile tool that will offer fast, accurate measurement across a wide range of settings. We are delighted to now be able to offer this magnificent piece of equipment to the market, and we're looking forward to the interest that it will undoubtedly attract over the coming months.”

Accurate up to 2 microns, DigiMic comes with an IP67 rating and is Industry 4.0 ready with IoT integrated Bluetooth. Simple and easy to use, with its electronics driven by just three buttons, DigiMic can immediately connect with other Bowers and Sylvac IoT devices to enable easy sharing of data around the factory floor or with other devices and software systems utilising the data feed.

Creating measurement reports is quick and easy, and when used in conjunction with the Sylcom data collection software from Sylvac, you have the option to include a wide array of data allowing employees, departments and products to be linked better than ever before.

This initial launch is for the measurement range of 0 – 25mm, however incremental sizes up to 100mm will be available with sets in the near future.


To find out more information regarding the brand-new DigiMig, visit the Bowers Group website,, or contact today.