Works Order Pending Function Brings Greater Control Over Production

Posted in Technical Members News on 6th Apr 2021

Central to PSL Datatrack's production control software for subcontract precision engineering companies is the Works Orders module, which is used once a customer quotation has been converted into an order. As part of the sales order process, it provides instruction for the manufacture of products and assemblies, either for immediate delivery to the customer or for stock. As the hub of the PSL Datatrack system, the functionality of Works Orders module is continually developed and the latest introduction has been the pending works order status.

The new feature gives PSL Datatrack users much greater control over the entire production process. When a works order is raised on the system there is an automatic check against the component and material stocks required and the user is alerted to any shortfalls. Material purchasing, shop floor scheduling and any other necessary actions can then be carried out to complete the order. Any required reviews of the contract with the customer can also be undertaken and agreed, only then is the works order ready to be released from its pending status into a confirmed instruction for production to commence.

This addition builds on the overall advantages of using the Works Orders module. New or repeat orders are easily raised against quotations and jobs can be set up for anything ranging from single components to products made using either a Bill of Materials (BOM) or an assembly. Order Acknowledgements can be generated in seconds and emailed straight to customers, with customer schedules, call offs and KANBAN workflow management procedures all accommodated.

The data contained in the works order is then reused throughout the remainder of the manufacturing process, right through to invoicing reducing any human error influences. The module is highly flexible and allows users to easily adjust quantities for production should a customer change demand. Works Orders generates all the necessary shop floor paperwork including process layouts, component drawings and images whilst a complete record of the entire sales order book, historic reports, a valuation of all outstanding work and performance analysis are all readily available.