Ceratizit UK & Ireland featuring its Kub Centron drilling system

Posted in Technical Members News on 10th Jun 2020

The KOMET KUB Centron is a tried-and-tested drilling tool that has been available for many years, providing
cost-effective and process-secure drilling in hole depths from 4xD to 9xD. Previously, KUB Centron drills
were only available to order as semi-standard tools, but in a move to make them more widely available the
drills are now in-line with the majority of tools from the Ceratizit Group with ex-stock delivery now standard
across the range.
Suitable for rotating and stationary and vertical or horizontal applications the KUB Centron covers diameters
ranging from 20 to 81 mm and up to 9xD, making it ideal for drilling transverse holes in housings or holes in
cylinder blocks and forged parts. The drill’s modular design enhances its cost-effectiveness, with the tool
comprising a holder, drill head, indexable inserts and centring drill tip. The drill head is located on the holder
by means of a custom-fit centring pin, the head is held in place by two tapered screws acting in the torque
direction, which pull it onto the drive dogs. This combination ensures a precise and stable connection,
completing the assembly are adjustable carbide guide pads for added stability when drilling and exiting the
hole, thereby counteracting deflection.
For drills up to 65 mm diameter just two indexable inserts are used, above that diameter this increases to
four, supported in pairs in cartridges. Key to the success of KUB Centron is the eponymous centring tip,
which is available in solid carbide or HSS – with a TiAlN or TiN coating. This tip guides the tool exactly in the
drill axis ensuring dimensional stability, straightness and maximum process security, even with a maximum
hole depth of 9xD. The optimised runout properties of the complete system make a long service life possible
for the drill point and indexable inserts.

“While the Kub Centron system has been available for some time and has proved its effectiveness across
many applications, the strength of the Ceratizit Group can now make that drilling efficiency more widely
available. By ensuring that tools, such as Kub Centron are available ex-stock for next day, before noon
delivery our customers can rely on Ceratizit to maintain their production by delivering tools when they are
needed,” says Tony Pennington, Managing Director, Ceratizit UK & Ireland.