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Posted in Technical Members News on 25th Jan 2016



The latest release of PSL Datatrack's modular production management and business administration software is now available. The version includes many new features for improved functionality, navigation and user experience that have been developed in response to the active customer “wish list” programme. It contains the highest number of feature improvements in any version released to date and will run on Windows 10 as well as previous versions of Windows.


The new version of PSL Datatrack is faster to use, provides greater flexibility, more control, easier monitoring and reduces the time taken in a number of key areas whilst providing the necessary information to manage a sub-contract manufacturing business in a cost effective and efficient manner.


Nick Groom from Qualiturn Products says “The key to success within the sub-contract industry is making components to the correct quality at the right time and a competitive price. PSL Datatrack has been, and continues to be, key in helping Qualiturn successfully manage these challenges.”


Data input and historical data searching is now quicker with predictive text and intelligent listboxes. Cross-referencing and access to data from other business areas within the system has been enhanced. Supporting correspondence and documentation can now be stored and accessed in more modules providing greater ability to share key information between colleagues.




Quotations now has; greater flexibility to set hourly rates, the ability to provide an instant financial breakdown for rapid decision making and timesaving management of changes to routing descriptions. Improved definition and control of raw materials provides easier monitoring of material usage and can reduce time taken for stocktaking. Automatic management of one-off tooling charges ensures that costs do not get overlooked when processing sales orders whilst new automation features greatly reduce the time taken to generate routine documents.


Quality improvements include automatically providing alerts to potential quality issues when receiving raw material or components back from a sub-contract process and retrieval of material and sub-contract certificates has been made easier.


Scheduling accuracy has been improved by allowing variable operation efficiencies and the shop floor can log technical comments, where variations from planned set or run times are encountered, to provide detailed feedback enabling analysis and management of processes to inform future quoting decisions.


Standard reporting now includes KPIs (Key performance indicators) for deliveries to customers and from suppliers and the ability to report on jobs that may quality for R&D (Research & Development) tax credits.


Martin Presley from Williams & Oakey says “We have put our faith in the professionalism of PSL Datatrack and it is really paying off - the benefits are immeasurable.”